We all know that bullet points in a PPT presentation are boring. Learn here why they don't work (also available in German).


Public Courses


For all who deal with presentations, but don't have the opportunity to participate in a corporate workshop, we offer public courses to be part of a specifically tailored program.

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Basic Course 2020:


Booster 2020





ThinkStoryline!© Public Courses


Thinkstoryline!© is available for everyone once a month somewhere in the world – currently in Zurich, Basle, New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Our aim is to provide you with an approach you can use the next day.


Public courses are currently available in English and in German.




Public Thinkstoryline!© programs are built up of 2 workshops


The Basic Course (1 day): During this course you to gain a basic understanding of the ThinkStoryline!© tools such as planning and preparation, summarizing and concluding, developing storylines and visualization.


The Booster Intensive (half day): During the Booster Intesive you learn to translate your storyline into PowerPoint. You practice how to visualize effectively. You increase your speed and efficiency dramatically by getting to know additional tools and tips & tricks. You also learn strategies how to anchor the ThinkStoryline!© tools into your daily life.


We work in small groups with a maximum of 12 people; the format being highly interactive with many practical examples.


Coaches: Kathrin Puhan, Alexis Puhan