We all know that bullet points in a PPT presentation are boring. Learn here why they don't work (also available in German).


Public Courses


For all who deal with presentations, but don't have the opportunity to participate in a corporate workshop, we offer public courses to be part of a specifically tailored program.

rich: Tadah Coworking

Basic Course 2020:


Booster 2020





Tailored ThinkStoryline!© Programs

Our tailored Thinkstoryline!© programs are for companies and their specific requirements. 

We work in small groups with a maximum of 12 people, highly interactive with recent examples out of the participants' business context. ThinkStoyline© reflects the mind set of how you deal with data and how you work internally and with your clients.

Being ready for a  behavioral change and senior managment backing are vital for this journey to be impactful.



Our tailored Thinkstoryline!© programs are built up of 2 workshops


The Tool Workshop (1.5 days): 

During this initial training, participants would gain a basic understanding of the ThinkStoryline!© tools such as goal setting, summarizing and concluding, developing storylines and creating effective slide decks.


The Bootcamp (1 day):

During this intensive, hands on workshop, we will follow up on the application of the ThinkStoryline!© approach on recent assignments. It would also work as a refresher for those who already have worked with ThinkStoryline!©. This workshop should be held a couple of weeks after the tool workshop.


Investment: Depending on program design.
Please contact Kathrin Puhan or Alexis Puhan for further details.


Locations and dates: Global coverage and flexible timing; programs are offered in English, German, Italian, and French