meet the coaches

Our coaches are Alexis Puhan and Kathrin Puhan-Henz. We also work with a network of licensed coaches on ad hoc basis.


Dr. Alexis Puhan (MD) is the founder of skillbuild inc., based in Switzerland, specialized in coaching, storylining and facilitating since 2002. Apart from ThinkStoryline!© trainings and consulting, fields of expertise include facilitation, strategy and organisational development . Alexis is also a passionate leadership and communications coach, both for teams and individuals.

Alexis Puhan got his medical training in Switzerland, the US and Canada and is a very experienced MBTI® trainer. Alexis also graduated from INSEAD in organizational psychology in 2007.

Alexis has facilitated ThinkStoryline!© workshops, follow ups and projects for more than 140 client organizations and over 12'000 participants in over 50 countries in the last 21 years. In 2008, Alexis published the book ThinkStoryline!© – For all who deal with presentations and love good stories. Its 5th edition will be published in early 2024.

Among others, Alexis Puhan has acquired his expertise as a consultant at McKinsey & Company from 1998 to 2002. In the last 12 months, skillbuild inc has been serving more than 20 clients internationally, mainly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, but also in private equity and academia and the public sector.

Kathrin Puhan is the founder of you advance Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland. She has a master's degree in history, complemented with an MBA at St. Gallen University (Switzerland) and is also a qualified MBTI coach. After spending several years in large financial institutions as senior project manager and as product manager, she has been working as a consultant in communications strategy for the last few years. Kathrin's mission is to help clients in designing and delivering effective meetings and presentations. Kathrin is an experienced ThinkStoryline!© coach mostly with clients from the financial and pharmaceutical sector. Furthermore, Kathrin is faculty for presentation delivery and project management in several certified advanced studies programs.


If you have any questions regarding ThinkStoryline!© contentwise or in terms of preparation or logistics, please contact Petra England.

Petra England is the project manager of ThinkStoryline!© since 2009. She supports clients and coaches in the preparation and organization of the programs. Petra acquired her expertise in her roles as Business Information Specialist and Manager of Research and Information Services at McKinsey & Company in Germany and Switzerland. Petra has two decades of experience in creative problem-solving in a high-pressured research environment. She is a skilled coach in knowledge management and competitive intelligence and has a proven track record in organizing workshops for professionals in leadership skills and presentation techniques. Furthermore, Petra is a qualified MBTI® trainer.