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ThinkStoryline!© workshops are available for organisations and for individuals.

Please see below for details or contact Kathrin Puhan or Alexis Puhan for questions.

  • Public ThinkStoryline!© courses in English
  • Public ThinkStoryline!© courses in German
  • Tailored ThinkStoryline!© programs for teams and organisations


Our next public course takes place in Dubai and Zurich.

Public ThinkStoryline!© workshops (English)

Thinkstoryline!© shows you an approach consisting of pragmatic tools and practical approaches to manage complex sets of data and to develop convincing documents and presentations. We recommend to participate in the Booster Intensive for deepening this knowledge.


The content

  • Set the presentation goals according to your audience and to the question(s) you would like to answer
  • Differentiate between summary and conclusion and apply it specifically
  • Find the thread of your story
  • Create and apply charts and visual elements efficiently
  • Apply the tools during your next presentation


Location and dates:

  • Please contact us for upcoming workshops


Alexis Puhan


öffentlicher THINKSTORYLINE!© WORKSHOP (deutsch)

Der praktische Nutzen

Mit dem ThinkStoryline!-Ansatz erlernen Sie praxisnahe Werkzeuge und Herangehensweisen, um grosse und komplexe Datenmengen zu verarbeiten und in überzeugende Dokumente und Präsentationen umzusetzen.


Die Inhalte

  • Die Erarbeitung der publikumsspezifischen Zielsetzung / Fragestellung
  • Der gezielte Einsatz von Zusammenfassung und Schlussfolgerung
  • Die Identifikation des "roten Fadens" einer Story
  • Die effiziente Erstellung und Verwendung von Schaubildern und visuellen Elementen
  • Die Anwendung der Instrumente bei Ihrer nächsten Präsentation


Orte und Termine:

  • 4. April von 9 bis 16.30 Uhr
  • Zürich, Tadah Coworking Space, Albisriederstrasse 253, 2. Stock



Alexis Puhan


Anmeldung & Infos

Petra England nimmt Ihre Anmeldungen und Fragen gerne entgegen.

Tailored ThinkStoryline!© Programs

Our tailored Thinkstoryline!© programs are for teams and organisations and their specific requirements.


We work in small groups with a maximum of 12 people, highly interactive with recent examples out of the participants' business context. ThinkStoryline© reflects the mind set of how you deal with data and how you work internally and with your clients.


Being ready for a behavioural change and senior management backing are vital for this journey to be impactful.

We deliver your tailored ThinkStoryline!© programs online and in person, wherever and however it fits your needs best. 

Please contact Alexis Puhan