We all know that bullet points in a PPT presentation are boring. Learn here why they don't work (also available in German).


Public Courses


For all who deal with presentations, but don't have the opportunity to participate in a corporate workshop, we offer public courses to be part of a specifically tailored program.

rich: Tadah Coworking

Basic Course 2020:

5. März

Booster 2020





The revised third edition is out!



The Art of Developing and Delivering Convincing Presentations
By Alexis Puhan, skillbuild inc. publishing
3rd edition, 2018, ISBN 978-39523346-1-4



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Price per copy (excludes shipping, plus 2.5% VAT for orders from Switzerland):


1-4 copies 135 USD (135 CHF, 120 EUR)
5-9 copies
120 USD (120 CHF, 110 EUR)
10 and more copies

110 USD (110 CHF, 100 EUR)


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